There’s nothing sexier than a feminist man

Feminists come in all shapes, sizes and genders

Alright ladies, for a minute let’s not pretend that we don’t think about guys just as much as they think about us– yes, we even leer a little bit, don’t we? It’s not like we can help it! I mean, what’s sexier than a tall, dark haired stud with a HUGE… personality? Well, there is one thing… imagine that same guy, only now he sees you as an equal human being instead of a fully automated sex toy that also makes sandwiches and scrubs toilets. Woo boy, is it hot in here?

Seriously though, feminists seem like pretty obvious boyfriend/husband material– to me, anyway. But maybe you’re not sold! If that’s the case, then allow me this chance to try to influence your taste in fellows.

Why date a feminist?

Because unless you’re a masochist, you don’t want to be treated like dirt. I understand that sexuality is a moving target and that some people get their rocks off by getting treated like a dog– collar and leash included. But I like to operate on the happy assumption that those folks are the minority. For the rest of us, the only way to achieve fulfilling, healthy relationships is to find a partner who respects us… and if a man doesn’t see or treat you as his absolute equal, then there’s no way he respects you, and that’s the truth of it, no matter what crap he tries to feed you about chivalry and courtship. What does this have to do with feminist fellas? Simple. Regardless of the negative propaganda that tends to circulate, a feminist is just someone who believes that the two sexes are equal. If you want a man who believes in sexual equality, then you want a feminist; it’s really that simple.

Because confidence is sexy, and sexist men are not confident.Think of that chunky bully that lives on every elementary school playground. You know the one; he shoves you down on the pavement to prove how “tough” he is, calls the other boys “sissies” and basically makes your life a living hell, while at the same time making a gigantic ass out of himself. You hate him with a passion because he’s such a jerk, until you realize that he only acts the way he does because he’s insecure and awkward, and then all you can feel when you look at him is pity. That kid grows up to be the inappropriately termed “alpha males” of society; the ones that need to prove their masculinity by berating other men and treating the “little women” like inferiors. Ladies, I have news for you; when a man talks down to you, treats you like a child or expects you to submit to him, that’s not a sign of dominance. That’s a sign that he’s incredibly insecure and needs to make you feel like less so he can feel adequate. So underneath that macho exterior, he’s still that chunky little boy on the playground who shoves you in the mud and steals your Pokemon cards because he’s diffident about his social skills– and that is so not sexy.

Because you need someone who you can take out in public. Times are changing, and thank God for that! Because the general public is becoming more educating and has realized that women aren’t some sort of lower beast, sexist behavior is becoming a fairly obvious sign of ignorance and stupidity. You wouldn’t want to go out to a nice restaurant with your loud, obnoxious racist uncle, would you? Of course not, because racism shows a severe lack of intelligence, and being seen with someone like that is embarrassing. Well, the same applies to sexism, so why on earth would you date or marry someone who was going to humiliate you every time you go out into public?

Most importantly, because you deserve to be happy. The only reason to be  in a relationship or marriage is because that person makes you happy. If you can honestly say that you are made happiest by someone who doesn’t respect you or treat you like an equal, then by all means, I wish you a world of happiness with the “alpha male” of your choosing… but if you can’t, then you really ought to consider a man of the feminist variety.

Like women, men vary in appearance and, while everyone has their own physical tastes, it’s not really what’s on the outside that counts in the end. When it comes to personality traits, again tastes may vary, but I think that most of us can agree that there are a few universally sexy characteristics. Is an educated, confident male who is comfortable with his own masculinity your cup of tea? If so, then you have to concede… feminists are sexy.


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