Want to see more feminist book reviews?

Greetings readers!

I apologize for my long delay in posting– I’ve had a hectic last few weeks(not to mention I needed a break from that horrible book I’ve been reviewing for you), but I will soon be posting regularly once again! I just wanted to extend in invitation to all of you to submit any requests you may have regarding what books you would like to see reviewed. It was upon a reader’s request that I began reading Fifty Shades of Grey, which resulted in possibly my most popular crop of posts, the Fifty Shades of Wrong series.

So, if you have any books that you would like to see viewed under a feminist lens, let me know! Whether they portray women and gender roles in a positive or negative way, I’d love to explore the high and/or low points. Requests can be submitted through comments!

Thank you all for reading and waiting patiently for the blog’s next installment.


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