Happy Birthday Jennifer Lawrence, and thanks for being a role model

You go girl

You go girl

I don’t like to glorify celebrities as role models for young girls. Little girls are encouraged to look up to pop stars and actresses who are famous for their looks, instead of scientists, authors or other professionals who use their minds to make a difference. However, the fact reminds that a lot of emphasis is put on how women look, so little girls do need positive role models when it comes to appearance, and Jennifer Lawrence definitely fits the bill.

If I had to describe Lawrence in one word it would be awesome. She portrays badass characters like Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games and Elissa from House at the End of the Street. She is incredibly fit, but unlike many Hollywood celebrities she isn’t sickly thin or in the business of starving herself. She’s said in interviews that when she gets in shape for a part she aims for looking healthy and strong, not stick thin, which is a wonderful example to be setting for the young girls who will be hanging on her every word.

Lawrence acknowledges that by Hollywood standards she is overweight (which is ridiculous in its own right) but you know what? She doesn’t give a shit.

There should be more actresses like Jennifer Lawrence, both in the talent department, and in the way she handles her responsibility to her viewers and her own body.


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